Don't you want to be alive before you die?

Tollie's been talking a lot about frogs and toads lately.
Although he let go the two toads the boys caught last week, he has several small, bright green toy frogs that leap around the dining room table during meals and hide stealthily under wooden block bridges and give each other piggy back rides slash mate.
He draws elaborate scenes with amphibians in every shade of green.
And now there's a new bucket of tadpoles on the back patio, feasting on romaine from RoRo's garden and growing bigger under careful scrutiny.
This morning Tollie was worried about where we'd set the tadpoles free, afraid that they might be scared of predators in the river and have to spend their days hiding behind rocks.
We talked a little about risk versus reward, about how the frogs might have happier lives exploring a big river full of things that might eat them than safe(ish) in the small plastic container on the table here.
Coincidentally, today was Tolliver's last day of preschool.


rht said...

And this "technically" kindergarten student just helped me put together a 100 piece puzzle full of under water creatures in record time!

Kristy G said...

Keep growing and keep taking risks beautiful!