Suite in C

Tucker performed in his second piano recital last weekend.  He played two movements from Suite in C :: Classic Fanfare and Jolly Jig.  He spent lots of time preparing each piece.
Last night after baseball practice Tucker explained that he'd chosen, with some help from Grandpa Tim, a favorite baseball player.  He picked Cal Ripken not for a record breaking number of homeruns or for his shortstop skills, but because Cal never missed a game.
For us, one of the best parts of each week is watching Tucker take piano lessons. His instructor is brilliant, seamlessly weaving in theory and science and history, and also showing interest in Tucker's life outside of music, asking about school and sports and travel.
We are proud of Tucker not so much for his progress and proficiency, but for his dedication to practicing.
And we are grateful for the support of friends and family who came to hear him play.
If you missed it, there's video below, thanks to Grandpa Rod!


Marlene said...

Great job Tucker. I can tell you practiced very hard to make such a fine performance of your two pieces. They sounded as though they were fun to play as well. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to hear your progress next year and every year beyond...

Kristy G said...

SO so so impressed. We've listened several times! Can't wait to see what's in store next!