biggest brother

Tucker and I participated in a 5K over the weekend.  Just the two of us, the outing was not prefaced by consideration for every relevant child limitation - weather, endurance, time, gear.  He grabbed a hat and I filled a water bottle and we hit the road.
It's not often that I get time alone with him, the colt-limbed person solving algebraic equations in the backseat, the kind young gentleman who is almost half grown. The one with adultness emerging like the face of David, if Michelangelo had been chiseling from baby fat.
I do not believe it is my job (or within my power) to soften every edge, but I desperately wish a gentle future for him.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby and Tucker,

Glad you both did a 5K (!) Very cool!

Tucker, I think God gave you a "swimmer's body"...try competing at the pool (in your age group) this summer. Let me know how well you do. Great uncle Ric has high school records which are still up on our h.s. wall board.


Kristy G said...

That smile!