paying attention

Summer is so full of Watch me!s
Cannonballs into the pool and scooter races on the driveway and monkey bar tricks at the playground.
(And babies headed straight for the street.)
The boys are so full of wonder.  They gather my scattered attention with Look! on a constant loop. Look at the baby birds! Look, a cat! Look, the praying mantis egg hatched!
We're trying to spend most of our time outside. I'm trying to put down my phone and soak up the glow of the kids. Brown skin and bare toes. Pajamas till noon and popsicles before dinner and long stretches of time to do exactly as we please. Adventuring, and paying attention.


Kate said...

Those boys are the best, Sis.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Summer...I vote you keep it year round!

Those three boys are "too cool for school".


Poppy John said...

How did Kate post 22 seconds before me(?)
Does she type faster (?)