on pear-shaped days

We're doing our best to put things in front of the boys that might encourage curiosity and build generosity.


part of the reason I may not have coherent adult thoughts on current events

What if humans had leaves growing from their heads, and trees grew hair instead?

What does mother nature really look like?

If you drop a bar of soap, does the soap get dirty or does the floor get clean?

What do freckles feel like? I should ask Tolliver!

There are three kinds of excuse mes, right, when you burp, when you need someone to move and when you want a turn to say something?

I actually want to dye my hair green and I want the green to be so seeable.





Tolliver is known for reaching his hand deep into a hole. Doesn't matter where we are, doesn't matter what might be in it, doesn't bother him at all. He is, instead of fearful, singularly focused on what he might find.
The boys are, all three, always wondering, Trying to gather more information, trying to piece things together, trying to discover something new. 
And I am always... scared? Cautious! Exhausted.
Exhausted may be my least favorite feeling. While not physically tired, I am worn out, sick of thinking about what school will look like and whether we have chosen the best approach. 
We all miss precedented times. I was tired then too, and cautious, in different ways.
Tuck and Tollie have, without surprise, dug into new ways of learning. None of it is ideal, but all of it is new and they are adventurous and assured.
There's nothing ahead that they cannot handle, that we cannot handle. I learn that from the boys. 



What a year this summer has been.


another day at the lake

August 2020, and an excursion beyond the property line feels like traveling abroad.


corona light(s)

 Sometimes, in order to see, we have to broaden our definition of light.