highlights from the holiday

French onion soup and accordion carols
cozy sweaters, a computer and lots of new books
foraging bags and flint knapping tools 
video games and weaving projects
perfume and singing around the piano and facetiming West Virginia, 
a nativity petting zoo and pistachio cookies and cousins
negative covid tests all around and neighbors back from their months-long RV adventure


less buying, more being

and stitching and singing and trapping elves
wrapping and baking cookies and mailing cards...


solving problems

Most of my brain is full of math. 
Actually, three of the quarters are math, and one quarter is food.
I do feel like I have one dumb corner in my brain though. 


the Quarry

We visited the newest metro park today, and Tolliver said, "It's a good thing Columbus opened another park because remember how we saw them alllll last year, when it was the only thing to do?"


a startling abundance