All Through the Night

(posted Sunday afternoon by Grandma Rosie posing as Andy & Jenni)

When we are fortunate enough to have Celia for a sleepover, we play her favorite lullabyes. Some nights we sing more
than we sleep, but this weekend Celia's had sweet dreams... at least I think that's why we've been treated to so many of her throaty little laughs.

It's no wonder. Celia got to watch Noggin (and football) with G'Rod and play Bubblewash (in and out of the tub) with G'Ro. Grandma Jan even ventured out on an ic
y winter afternoon to come and play for awhile.

Dreams carry us away to special times and places, so Celia might just have been dreaming about the oh-so cold, but oh-so fun night she took us to Wildlights at the Zoo. As her Aunt Kate would say, "Celia loves an aquarium!"
This afternoon Celia is snuggling with Grandpa Tim, which may be the stuff of more sweet dreams tonight. I hope so.

Celia will be snug in her own bed, but G'Rod and I will still be hearing those familiar melodies -- "Love, to thee my thoughts are turning, all through the night."

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Grandma Jan said...

I just love knowing that only Celia could have Rod Tolliver watching Noggin!

lots of love and grace!
Grandma Jan