Olentangy Overnight

Sometimes, lately, I get to spend the night with my grandparents on the weekend. I don't usually sleep through the night, so when I go to my grandparents, Mommy and Daddy get to catch up on sleep, and I get to play and Grandma and Grandpa don't mind.
When I go to G'pa Tim and G'ma Jan's, we watch movies with my Great Aunts Sally and Angie. Or we watch the Buckeyes; they taught me that if you stop the Fiesta Bowl when the Buckeyes are ahead, a couple minutes before the end, then the Buckeyes win! G'pa Tim and G'ma Jan and Sally and Angie play hard, and sometimes they wear me out. So, I cuddle with them and nap. I think I wear them out, too.
And then when it's really bedtime, G'pa Tim and G'ma Jan let me sleep in their big bed. I get to sleep right in the middle, with people who love me on both sides. The bed is so big I sometimes forget where I am when I wake up. G'ma Jan makes me blueberry pancakes for breakfast. And last weekend she invited my cousin Vanessa to come play with me, and we read books together.
I love spending the night with my grandparents and Mommy and Daddy don't look so tired when they pick me up!



Linda said...

What a precious "morning face!" Not too many people look THAT gorgeous first thing in the AM!!!
Aunt Linda

Poppy John said...

What a fun vacation for Celia...and Mom and Dad too!

The Wendels said...

How blessed you all are to have family so close!

Adam and Vicky said...

And Vanessa enjoyed visiting and playing with Celia! She likes to look at Celia's picture on the fridge and in her picture book and say "Cee!"