It's the Hard Knock Life

Obviously, Annie's got nothin' on these red curls:
The sun likely won't come out tomorrow, at least in these parts. Our neighborhood dressed in another thick layer of snow yesterday, pulling it on about as quickly as I could pull on a fleece hoodie...But, we have sunflowers on the mantle, to remind us that brighter days may come.
And we may not be livin' on Easy Street these days, but as Annie says, "I don't need sunshine now to turn my skies to blue. I don't need anything but you."


rht said...

You've wrapped me around that cute little finger... and I love the curls!

Joce said...

You (and yours) always continue to astound me......

And those curls....I can hardly wait to see them when we come to your mom's for the next visit.
Here in NW Ohio we had an additional 6 inches by 8:00 am this morning from over night .............up to 3 more expected. What splendor when one doesn't have to go out. Lets me enjoy the blog and the wonder of Celia's beauty from afar. Joce

SLED said...

Betz family, Jenni this is the hairdoer (Sandy Daugherty) Linda gave this blog and I have never used one but I just had to say Hi I am so sorry to learn of your path of life right now. Sometime I just don't understand things but as God says and I have been living this a lot lately If he brings you to it he will bring you through it and I know and trust in him so I believe he will, I have had 2 heart surgery and serios asthma and bronchitis, and have had to quite cutting hair as of Dec 2008 , and even though it does not compare to your life it has been hard for me , I want you to know this picture of the Annie curls brought tears to my eyes as it made me remember our day of Annie curls and you being sick and not telling as you though you could not miss getting your annie curls Jen we have such a history and I am praying for your strength to get through the path that you have to follow and know that you and your husband have the faith and strength to get through this. if you ever need anything just to talk or just to hug let me know I love and miss you and your family Katie and Rosie and all well bye for now take care of your self as you need to be strong. love and prayer Sandy Lynn Daugherty