Worth Noticing

The stickers, adorning his shirt and my magazine and the dog's chin, and the way they brightly announce a new fascination.
The chatter on our walk, "oh, tree" and "oh, bike" and "oh, bug" and the careful way he put his cup in the stroller's circled slot. 
The feel of bare feet on hot cement, and the scent of sunscreen mingled with the aroma of chlorine as we snacked together in the shade. 
The striped towels left to dry over the back fence upon our return, keeping several rose blooms company and serving as a reminder that we did our best to suck the marrow right out of the day. 
The delightful sense that, these days, supper on the table means summer on a plate.
The flavor of brown butter almond brittle, a cow-to-cone treat enjoyed while the sun set and enhanced by sharing one spoon.
The way the rock, at the bottom of the washing machine tonight, signifies his discovery of pockets and how they can be utilized. 
The fact that his big sister has helped me realize that all of these things, and more, are worth noticing.


rht said...

Last Saturday morning -- before pockets were discovered -- Tucker added a few special rocks to our bag of ripe peaches and tomatoes as we walked home from the Farmer's Market. And yesterday I noticed how very little it takes to make Celia smile these days... she really appreciates birdsong, a good stretch, and the smell of geraniums. Your precious children are wonderful teachers -- thank you for sharing them with us.

Poppy John said...

A friend "noticed" that my driver's license picture looks like that Gary Busey mug shot.


P.S. Check out Grandma Sandy's arrest video on YouTube...you can tell that her diet is working!

Melissa said...

love it. there's nothing that makes my heart ache more than feeling like we "merely survived" a day instead of enjoying it. where, where, is the damn pill to make Josh and Celia perfectly whole and unscathed again, so they can suck that marrow out with us.