Hiding, but not Invisible

March straddles two seasons, a shimmery quicksilver month.  Much of the country is ready for the emergence of spring but wary of the calendar’s confusion.   Flowers crouch in buds on branches, hiding but not invisible.

In an instant I am twenty nine again, just turned, and she’s an infant, freshly born.  She is a warm roll in my hands, gleaming in all her beautifulness, a face that could make the sun shine.  Four years ago, when nothing had gone wrong and nothing ever would.

Nature sets an example for those of us who have a tough time with transition.  This time of year the amplification of new life allows for a way of thinking that encourages hope, and the rain that frames the next day shapes a darker mood.  It's natural.

My eyes fasten on her, compass needles and she's North.  I can see the girl she should have been, hiding but not invisible.  Her face allows for a way of thinking that maybe the show will not end, that perhaps we can overstep the cruelty of this, that it is possible to plan for the luxury of time.

I know.  Our loss is some gain.  We are unfortunately fortunate.
But we can't make sense of something that doesn't.

PS.  Do you view our blog in a reader?  Should we draw your attention to the new header?  Click through to see it.  So dear to us, those two.


Friend Family said...

I love, love, love the new header! They have the best smiles!

Christy said...

Love the header and the little darlings!

Anonymous said...

That header is amazing...I hope you get that in poster size to keep forever.

Debi said...

LOVE the new header! A picture perfect moment of joy!