1.  Noah Coughlan is running across the country, from California to Florida, to bring attention to Batten Disease.  He took time from the twenty or so miles on his agenda today to call and wish Celie a happy birthday.  Obviously our family is tremendously grateful for his efforts.
Andy attached, on the left sidebar of our blog, a widget that tracks Noah's progress.  You can also "like" 2011 Run America for Batten Disease on Facebook to follow his journey.
UPDATED 3/8 at 9am with link to video message.

2.  Saint Stephen's Shrove Tuesday Pancake Dinner is tomorrow, March 8th, from 6-8PM.   Join us if you're able!

3.  Thank you for supporting BDSRA by ordering Thirty One Gifts.  Based on sales and parties booked, Heather reports a total close to $250 will be given for infantile Batten Disease research.

I'm working on birthday letters to both kids.   Till those are publishable, party pictures:


rht said...

"Fank you so much," Noah and Heather.

courtney said...

Happy Birthday Jenni, Celia and Tucker! (a little belated)

Joce said...

Three Beautiful people and it looks like one beautiful party day. CELEBRATION - everyday I am beginning to think it is what it is all about. Wish we could have celebrated with you all! SMILES

Miriam said...

Happy Birthday to the three of you!