by any stretch

I used to be able to hold him in my arms, against my chest, and create a circuit of calm, the comforting comforting both of us.  Now he creates his own"circuits"  --batteries and wire and remotes, phone chargers and the baby monitor and one stray Nerf dart-- that stretch around the room.
He tied his tool belt around his waist, deliberately filling each section with kitchen contraband and junk drawer miscellany -- a slotted spoon and a meat thermometer, a calculator, a paint brush and some paper clips, all the things he'd need to build his own computer.  Occasionally calm, Tuck's more often a bundle of joyous activity, busy in ways that help me see his heart shining right through his imagination.


rht said...

Carry on, indeed!

Adam and Vicky said...

Sweet, sweet play. I hope Tucker doesn't grow frustrated by trying to place paper clips in the pocket with the open bottom!