from the phone

Block party via bflymommy
Sittin' with Celie in Ankeny
four cousins at the fair
making ice cream with aunts
solo breakfast
anniversary lunch

probs not a Pin-worthy centerpiece #matchboxcars
Picnic with the Pops
little Tolliver, living up to his name
fountains at Easton
Poppy's cycle
catching turtles

every day adventuring
post pool worm digging
bedtime books
post rain snail searching
dinos at the zoo via rht3627

applesauce with RoRo
deconstructing with Grandpa Rod via rht3627
orange waves, reminiscent of her hair
from nature and neighbors and nieces
doughssants are delicious
hiking, except not

Billy Porter deserved that Tony #gettinkinky
lounging on the High Line
the August salad: mesclun, peaches, almonds and goat cheese
these boys are the best

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Judi said...

wonderful pictures. another beautiful talent you have Jeni. you can capture beauty in words and pictures.