Tuck's been trying to build a jet pack kite.  Inside, as ideas come to him, he talks through them aloud or asks for help sketching designs, wondering whether this or that might work.  Outside he puts his theories to work, undeterred by utter flops.  His list of reasons for needing to fly is almost as big as his portfolio of ideas, and his perseverance is remarkable.

A few days ago he said, Mom, do you think we could save the chicken bones and since my jet pack kite doesn't work yet we could send them to Colby tied to a balloon?  His eyes were bright, sparkling with life, intelligent in the way that knows too much and not enough all at once.  And when my throat reopened, I managed to answer: We could try

We've updated the Current Fundraisers tab, above, to include several ways -virtual and IRL-
to be part of our ongoing effort to raise money to fund important research through BDSRA and/or support hospice services for sick children and their families through the Pleasure Guild.


rht said...

Up in the air and under the surface, I love that boy!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

That boy sure looks happy, happy, happy!


Tiff said...

How cool to be him...and lucky to have parents that let him fly!