We cancelled cable months ago.  A year ago?  Two years ago?  I don't know.  I don't miss it.  The boys are thrilled to spend time places where they can catch an episode of something on Disney Junior, but for the most part, if they have screen time at home, they choose a "rectangle movie" streamed through Amazon Prime from their section of saved titles, shows like Popular Mechanics for Kids.  We still borrow lots of DVDs from the library too,  "Bill the Nye" most frequently.
And sometimes they just pick up a book instead.

Slowly, we've sent television sets out of our house, donated, sold, garaged.  Most recently we removed the one from our bedroom - it hadn't been turned on in months and I was tired of dusting it.  And now we have a big blank wall.  And I've been dreaming about how to fill it.

With cows?
Or flowers?  More flowers?  Even more flowers?
Or calm colors? (bonus, local artist!)
With confetti?!
Or words?

Or maybe with a print from our own camera, one from our Arizona trip or something?

We're leaning toward blues and pinks, yellows and golds, still lots of white.  Several small prints, or one large canvas, or some combination.
This is what we'll see when we wake up in the morning, assuming it's after the sun has risen, which is actually not a very safe assumption.
For reference, the arrangement around our headboard, above.
Notice we *still* haven't found something for that bright pink frame...

And the blank wall we'd like to fill across room, below.
The dresser is tall.  Like chest height.
Thanks for your input on the decision.

This post is sponsored by Minted.  Have you seen Minted's new Save the Dates?  We're celebrating thirteen years this weekend.  If I had it to do over, I think I'd still stick with the same loose star theme.  And I'd for sure choose the same guy.


rht said...

Thanks for all the links to inspiring watercolors!

Diana said...
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Diana said...

Above that bureau...I vote for something like the Tree Wall Photo Holder at Pier One. It's arty even when empty, and wider than it is high. And I notice you like to switch things up, so the look could change with the season (or mood) and include photos, notes, kids artwork, etc. You can see it online, or try cutting and pasting this link:


Andy and Jenni said...

D, the tree wall art *is* pretty! I hadn't considered anything sculpture-ish. With that I could still order my favorite prints from Minted, in smaller sizes maybe, and switch them out! Thanks for giving this some thought. When would you like to visit and help me with all the other projects around here?! xoxo