none of this is a big deal, but I like little deals too

cousins in a cave #wymanwoods
glue guns for days - helping Maya's Curls for Matilda Jane via @mayascurls
the sun came up again, as it tends to do
#betzboys at the #bobcatrevue

field day, fast cars
at the reservoir via @keg256
scallops and brisket
after school books
to work with mom
happy baby

mother's day
yard "help"
front porch books
field trip #ohiohistorymuseum
money for miracles via @jnferris
ain't nobody got time for trunks

table twenty four for the win via @heatherstraus
wedding toasts
maple bacon caramels #threekidsandakitchen

summer whispers, boys scream  
girls night
lots to read
last day festivities
thursday playdate crew via @mrsholby
more books 


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Big deal/little deal(?)...real deal.


rht said...

Thanks for sharing those DELICIOUS caramels. You can never have too many books!