supremely good

It's been a good weekend to celebrate thirteen years of marriage.
This was the little getaway car we drove the night of our wedding.  And by "we drove" I mean I drove, after Andy made sure ALL the champagne bottles on every table were empty.  I had to dig my way through my dress to find the steering wheel.  I'm not sure I had a single thing to eat that day and after visiting with guests and dancing and drinking ALL THE CHAMPAGNE, we decided we were hungry.  The only place that was open that late was Taco Bell, so we drove through.
And last night we pretended to do it again.
Minus the champagne and the chili cheese burritos.


Poppy John said...

A & J,

Even after 13 years, you still could do the champagne and chili cheese burritos thing...just take an OTC Zantac first.

Advice from an old guy,

Kristy G said...

Happy Anniversary! Cheers to a lovely couple and 13 more!

rht said...

The two of you are definitely something to celebrate! These pictures bring to mind the taste testing evening when we carefully and thoroughly evaluated a LOT of different champagne options ; >