from the phone

bike rodeo at bible school #maplegrove
SxSW CD release party #titosandtacos
a little light bedtime reading

 snakes on the farm
all five in the creek
"I've never been on the ceiling of a building before!"
best bench ever, Ankeny
#adoptionrunsinourfamily (Chelsey's Dream)
clouds like Xanax
four wheelin' via @iowa2323
three wheelin'

 ice cream sammies a la Aunt Kate
Ohio State Fair butterfly garden
Olentangy Caverns
best damn boys in the land
 #burgersandeyes DK Diner via @julietmingione
on the boat with Grandpa
winning at the backyard
basement campout

siblings, with their father's WW1 service medals via @keg256
sign up soon
after the library
hooray for little Molly via @mkstahlohio
following their lead
first day, first grade

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rht said...

I think you should write a book entitled "The Flower Thief."