from our ginger-haired gentleman

I think when I grow up I’d like to go to the Police Academy.  But do you think you guys could walk me to school there so I don’t feel scared? 

Can you tell me about this big shiny piece of jewelry what’s on the counter here, Mom?
Oh honey, that’s an eyelash curler.

Both of them with tongues sticking out, faces coming together: Guys! What are you doing?!
Giving a tongue high five.

Favorite lego creation, a dune buggy, that he calls a duney bug.

Talking about Tuck’s loose tooth: You know, RoRo actually growed gold teeth. 

Do you see that enormous spider on its website?!

Hey Mom, that egg (pointing at my oval necklace) looks similar to the one Celia hatched out of, right? Oh no, wait, actually I don’t think that is right. She was the first baby to grow in your tummy, huh. 

Mom, I mean watch with your real eyes, okay. Now watch. 

On Monday, I asked if I could trim his nails.  Maybe tomorrow.
On Tuesday I said “It’s time to cut your fingernails.”  You know it’s not tomorrow yet?

Hey Mom, you know, you’re no fun to talk with.

I think I’m gonna dream about having a farm. I hope my dream comes true. But I need a wishing star. Being a farmer is hard work.

Somebody needs to buy me some sort of grown up watch. Because I keep borrowing Tucker’s.
Okay, we can put that on a wish list.
You mean a watch list? Because they both start with the same sound.

On our way to RoRo's birthday: So she is like old and a half now, huh? 

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rht said...

I might be old and a half tomorrow. Tollie would never know I had growed gold teeth if he didn't make me smile so much!