the days pass

The days pass in microscopic increments.  There are a million small, seemingly inconsequential chances to be patient and generous and kind.
Between blowing on hot food and throwing all the uneaten bites into the trash.
Between clipping fingernails and coupons and flowers for the mantel.
Between scraping lint out of the dryer vent and wiping coffee rings off countertops.
Between folding paper to make it fly and finding the right spot to tickle to trigger a laugh.
Between covering every little crevice with sunscreen and camouflaging dark under eye circles.
Between packing picnics and picking up all the small things on the floor.
Between clicking car seat buckles and grabbing blocks before they're flung.
Between games of hide and seek and trips to the grocery store.
Between boiling macaroni and stringing noodles into necklaces.
In between all of this, I know, are the very best parts, teeth are being lost and crushes are being lit, books are being devoured and dazzlingly slow progress is being made.  I don't want to lose sight of the long game, the one in which each of the tiny times matter, all of the moments do.
I work to center my attention on the very best things, focus energy on stuff that is certain to help us all grow, respond gracefully to whatever occurs, at least most of the time.  It is so cliche, but I am fascinated with the way the days seem so consuming and exhausting and long, but in retrospect, all of it moves fast.  I feel simultaneously delighted and robbed.  And in between all of it, I remind myself that the boys need me for survival, even when I may feel like I just need to be alone to survive.

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rht said...

I wonder which parts of these wonderful days Tucker and Tollie will remember as the best parts...