on riding brooms and sugar highs

We didn't carve any pumpkins here this year, but we did carve out time for lots of other fun things. 
We enjoyed being BOOed, and eating ghost bananas and monster muffins, re-reading Halloween stories and watching The Nightmare before Christmas. 
The boys had multiple opportunities to wear their costumes - school parties and trick or treat events downtown and in our neighborhood.  Tolliver was thrilled to borrow a real storm trooper outfit, and Tucker was lucky that RoRo could help make his geode design come to life. Hank just played the part of chubby baby, and was loved on by lots of ghouls along our street.
Tuck and Tollie agreed that more than anything, the best part was passing out candy from our front steps. The real treat was that Andy could join us, now that he's finally done with the most recent round of graveyard shifts.
Right before bedtime tonight the big boys sorted their stash, kept a few favorites, and happily traded each of their piles (to be donated) for new books.
Also at bedtime: already talk of what they'll dress up as next year, and what kind of candy we should distribute.


rht said...

Each one of those pictures is a real treat!

Kate said...

Oh my goodness. Love them all so much.

Kristy G said...

Where do you donate your candy? Just curious. I love that the reward is books. May implement this in the future :)

Andy and Jenni said...

Hey Kristy! Tucker's elementary school collects and sends the candy to our troops - such a neat service project! And in full transparency, the boys talked us into a few Pokemon cards as part of the trade too ;)