We've noticed recently that Tolliver gets a kick out of interacting with young girls.  I mean, it'd be fair to call him a bit of a ladies' man.
At tailgating last week he was quick to deliver a bottle of water to a lovely high school coed.
One afternoon not long ago, as I spoke to a group of third grade runners, Tollie vied for their attention by interrupting me repeatedly to tell the girls what he remembered about Celia.
And at church, during part of an intergenerational game, he would not let me or Tucker help with his playing cards, but carefully took turns picking each of the pretty gals from the youth group to read for him.

The good news is he's not yet singularly focused, and still has plenty of game in other arenas, too:
building arsenals with wooden blocks, playing Bug Bingo and exploring the physics of fulcrums, to name a few.

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scb said...

Betsy is in GOTR, so maybe you have met her. The card you sent means so much to her. It's like she grew two feet taller with the thought that she can make a difference. Thanks so much.