who he is, and how he is

We don’t wish for him to win all the chin up contests or the spelling bees or the cocktail parties.
We don’t need him to be the best at anything.
But we do hope he will continue to find activities that leave him feeling like he had fun, things that give him some measure of joy just in the doing, friends who are interested in the same stuff.
We try our best to help him unlock his potential, to let him pursue his passions and develop his own purpose.
Even if that means there are cereal crumbs all over the kitchen counter because maybe the iron fortified flakes are magnetic?
Even if that means his Halloween costume is slightly unconventional slash cannot possibly be purchased online or at the store.
Even if that means he's not scoring soccer goals or spending overnights at scout camp.
We do not want him to tie his identity to what he has or what he does rather than to who he is and how he is.
As parents we may be partial, but we are regularly amazed at the original ideas he brings into the world, and entirely besotted with our big boy.

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rht said...

Player, scientist, candlestick maker.... I love these boys and the fact that you encourage their interests.