over the course of a week

As Christmas stretched out over the course of a week, I felt both grateful for all the family we get to celebrate with, and wealthy in the way so many of our normal weeks are full of family and friends and magic and wonder, too.
I mean, there's an extra dose of all that this time of year, board games and cookie parties and long wish lists, cozy holiday jammies and midday coffee dates and stockings hung with care. Albeit along with a few extra stresses :: shopping and wrapping and baking and lessons in fire safety at the candlelight service. Plus at least one extraordinarily early wake up call. And also, this year, MOVING.
We've lived in the new house for one week now. There are cardinals out every window, bright against muted winter colors. There is snow glittering under streetlights and the lingering scent of fresh paint. The cabinets are full of food, and lots of friends have come to visit, stepping around moving boxes and sitting on the empty dining room floor. The boys are happy and adjusting remarkably well. There is still furniture stacked all over the place and nothing on the walls, but there is ordinary magic too, and it is starting to feel like home.

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rht said...

These pictures tell so many good stories... happy new year in a happy new home!