a watchful eye

Sometimes my agenda is in conflict with what is actually happening.
I try to spend more of my time paying attention, just keeping a watchful eye.
I do not feel compelled to tell all of the stories, the accidents and arguments, the misunderstandings and mistakes, but I have mentioned more than once that there are some struggles alongside all the joys. I don’t know, this is the first time I've raised three boys and this is the first time I’ve parented an eight year old and we just have some shit to figure out.
I know I can't push the boys to be something they're not, but I do want to encourage them to be more of certain things. Honest. Grateful. Confident.
I want them to grow up believing they can handle things. Not necessarily confident that they will know how to do everything, but that they can always figure it out. I want to believe that I can figure it out, too.


rht said...

Who knew that was a window seat? I had envisioned books or flowers there, but now I see that it's the perfect place to perch while figuring stuff out.

Kristy Grachek said...

How lucky are we, to be able to parent?

Wait til the 11 going on 15 years 😱


Poppy John said...

Hey Kid,

Get your foot off of the wall...or you will have to "figure out" how to do touchup paint.