The next

little Gills-Betz hybrid is moving - a lot. You've heard the sayings, "the next big soccer player" or "flopping like a fish," and I'll try to avoid those... at some point, most analogies fail, and these are no different. You can't really describe what it feels like to have a baby moving inside you to someone unless she has, you know, had a baby moving inside her... And most babies don't grow up to be famous soccer players, nor do they typically seem much like fish once they're here. But for several weeks now I've been enjoying this little one's reminders that he/she is thriving, and last night Andy finally got to feel some kicks. Celia doesn't really have the patience, or the interest, to stand around with her hand on my belly. Anyway, all these little fetal flutters have the tendency to set my heart a flutter :)


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Grandma Jan said...

We are all so very excited to meet the new Gills-Betz person! He/she is lucky to be joining big sis Celia and bro Colby!

Please give the new one a little squeeze and let him/her know how much he/she is loved!

Grandma Jan