Light Fantastic Daddy Fantastic

Well, the nursery is done. Early, if we're talking about the newest Betz. And only about 21 months behind schedule for Celia, but she'll get to enjoy the new light for a few months...
We've had this chandelier, from Mom's basement, for a couple years - Andy rewired it and painted it white and cleaned the crystals, all in anticipation of Celia's arrival. We just didn't get it hung. What, with a working light in her bedroom and all, there really was no hurry. But now it's up, and boy is it sweet. Almost as sweet as these two, napping during the Macy's Parade on Thanksgiving morning!




This time of year, when we're reminded to give thanks, we've been especially grateful for the time we got to spend with Kate. It was a busy week, not quite the marathon of Thanksgiving meals it's been in the past and we didn't get to visit all the family we would've liked to see, but it was still a holiday filled with good things.
  • Aunt Kate spoiled Celia; she cooked her squash pancakes and watched cartoons with her and sang to her and even held her while she got some blood drawn.
  • Kate took me to lunch and we shopped and she did like 8 loads of laundry for me and she reminded me that someday, maybe, I can be "half an Olsen twin" again.
  • Kate took Andy ziplining in Hocking Hills and shared Yuengling with him (and with Colby).
We can't wait till Kate comes back in February!




We had really good intentions of a sweet fall photo shoot which entailed finding lots of squash and gourds and pumpkins to pile around Celia (Andy even threatened to put her in the bin of gourds at the grocery store) for a picture entitled "Gourd-geous."
It didn't ever happen. If it had, be assured you would've seen the photo on this blog. We'll just tuck that idea away for next fall.

So, with another holiday picture idea in mind, we pledged to be on top of it this time. And with football season essentially over, it was a good chance to change the Go Bucks blog header... Here is one of the pictures we did not decide to use in the header. Perhaps the photo shoot wasn't an entirely joyous process for Celia? But, be assured that we had more photos that we could have used than couldn't. And, be assured that we will continue to post lots more holiday-type pictures over the next month or so... And finally, be assured that she really is a bundle of JOY!



Holy Guacamole

We had tacos for dinner tonight, and with two ripe avocados on the windowsill, we had some work to do for the meal to be complete. And so, cooking class commenced...
There was lots of tasting involved in the preparation.

When they determined that the guacamole was ready to share, I jumped right in. And I could detect a delightful balance of flavor - a hint of lime, the perfect kick of jalapeno, and a hearty portion of the team's effort - in every delicious bite!

So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, and you happen to have a bag of corn chips with you, stop in for a snack!




I made cookies this afternoon and the scent of baking filled the house, like comfort vaporized.

And Celia wore a cozy hand-knit sweater, keeping her snug and warm and making me wish I had one just like it, maternity size...
instead, I found comfort in an old fleece of Andy's and in stealing cuddles with Celia in her soft sweater.
And yesterday I spent the morning with old friends with whom I used to teach.
You know, the kind of friends who dish out the sort of compliments that deserve to be tucked away inside your brain for those inevitable insecure days. The friends who give you a hug that you can still feel later that day. The ones who share confidence in you enough to make you believe that you can do whatever needs to be done. Good friends. The kind I hope Celia makes someday. The kind who provide comfort when fresh cookies and warm sweaters are insufficient.



The Hills are Alive

Well, the dining room is anyway. With the sound of music (if you'll allow me to call it that). It's just me and Celia at home today - no errands, no appointments, not too many chores on the agenda. So after lunch we slid the highchair up to the piano, and Cel spent some time banging on the keys.

As for Celia's little sibling, he or she rocked out to the "music" too - I imagine Celia's song was a pleasant diversion from my heart beat, 24 weeks at number one on the womb hit parade...



20 Months Ago

we had a baby. She is a fine little person, with ever-watching eyes and lips that should be cloned. We've had some good times together so far, all leading us to proclaim - we'll keep her!



What a Re*leaf*

Celia participated in her first presidential election yesterday, and by participated I mean she went to our polling station and sat in her stroller and waited patiently in the short line and made only a few quiet noises as we pushed the buttons and then played with her sticker when we were done. We grabbed coffee for the walk home, and spent a few minutes playing in the leaves before heading back inside.
Today's news is likely captivating most people, and whether it makes you smile or kick the cat, I imagine many of us can agree that it's nice to be done with TV ad torture and too many phone calls from politicians, middle of the day doorbell rings that interrupt nap time and all the yard signs littering lawns...
Here at our house, we're relieved that election season is over, and we're proud to live in this country.



Wish I May

I grew up believing that eyelashes were lucky. Today I found a stray eyelash atop one of Celia's rosy cheeks, and remembered the childhood game -- if you lost an eyelash (it's not the same if you pull one out on purpose!) you could close your eyes and blow the lash off your fingertip, and your wish would come true.

Celia's lashes are fairly ordinary - brown, with lighter red tips. They're not the kind of lashes that are going to enter the room before she does. You know the kind I mean. Maybe she'll use her own lost lashes for those kind of wishes someday...
I look forward to lots more lost lashes and shooting stars and birthday candles and ladybugs for Celia to wish on! And I'll be using all the wishing methods I can find to wish that all her wishes come true...