Light Fantastic Daddy Fantastic

Well, the nursery is done. Early, if we're talking about the newest Betz. And only about 21 months behind schedule for Celia, but she'll get to enjoy the new light for a few months...
We've had this chandelier, from Mom's basement, for a couple years - Andy rewired it and painted it white and cleaned the crystals, all in anticipation of Celia's arrival. We just didn't get it hung. What, with a working light in her bedroom and all, there really was no hurry. But now it's up, and boy is it sweet. Almost as sweet as these two, napping during the Macy's Parade on Thanksgiving morning!



Adam and Vicky said...

Very pretty . . . and I won't even touch on the things we've neglected to do . . . :) Big pat on the back for getting it done!

rht said...

What really makes it art is the dimmer switch! I'll bet Celia loves looking up at that light... no wonder she loves her Daddy!

Grandma Jan said...

the light - - the nap - - the little sister - - Colby enjoying a beer - - laundry done - - shopping - - family time ---

so much for which to be thankful!

Grandma Jan