There are plush bunnies and plastic easter eggs all over the floor. Plus several matchbox cars, a handful of small green army guys, puzzle pieces and a bunch of balls, all left where they were being played with before he climbed up on his chair.
He has eaten several slices of corned beef, a dozen cubes of colby cheese, a pile of corn chips with fresh mock moly.
He shakes his head in a slightly canine way, as if he were clearing thoughts. Or clearing crumbs?
He still has his eye on a leftover cupcake. He does say please.
I sometimes liken him to a small puppy, frolicking excitedly, leaving small messes for other people to clean up in his wake.
A wet rag, a quick vacuum, a change of clothes. I can handle it.


At Poppy's

Where the boys play, and love, and eat with ferocity.


Two Thomases


Hank Best

Beyond the typical Me too! and Me first! toddler battlecries, Hank says lots of sweet and funny things.

His bedroom is right above the room in the basement that houses the sump pump. It operates rather loudly, so Hank has developed a little bit of self talk to help ignore the noise: No biggie, pup suck. 

When I climbed on a stool to reach something to set the table for company last week he cautioned Be tareful, Mama. 
Interestingly, he climbs on the same stools with wild abandon.

He says ready eat now approximately eleventy six times a day
And he's always asking for more mock moly please. {guacamole}
I know I've mentioned that he almost always follows up a meal with Thank you dinner, Mama.

He sings all of Baa Baa Black Sheep, and my favorite is when he gets to the yessir yessir part.

When he doesn't want us to touch him, like when we're trying to wipe sticky syrup from his fingers or change a dirty diaper or brush his teeth, he cries Ouch! You broke Hank's tickle bone!

We hung a portrait of my grandfather recently, and Hank talks to Thomas all day long.
Look mine elephant pillow, Thomas.  Mama's toffee hot, Thomas, blow!  You like mine new puppy, Thomas?  Goodnight, Thomas.

When we lay him down for bed, he asks to be covered with his blanket and then squeezes his lids shut and tells us Close eyes, sleep better.

My new favorite thing, though, above all else, is when he's asked his name.
He's right, too.  He is Hank Best.


photos from 3.3

Although Hank made a valiant attempt to create a beautiful portrait of the bride and groom, the actual wedding photographs are fabulous, and evoke so many happy memories even just two weeks removed.
*gorgeous, thoughtful photo credit to Kristy Grachek



Andy's pro-participation, anti-excellence approach.
I mean, it's still always excellent anyway, the meals and the projects, but he is so patient and the boys feel so competent and proud when they're included.


birthday recap

Many people continue to sow seeds of caring and to plant funds for research with Celia in mind.
The boys put together eleven bags of candy to distribute in her memory.

Tucker celebrated his birthday at Escape It - he rounded up aunts and uncles and cousins and friends and got out of the room with about three minutes to spare! It was so much fun!!

Hank heard the happy birthday song at home and at his museum gathering and at story time at the library. He got to blow out candles a few times too. Cake and balloons and party hats are his favorite!