photos from 3.3

Although Hank made a valiant attempt to create a beautiful portrait of the bride and groom, the actual wedding photographs are fabulous, and evoke so many happy memories even just two weeks removed.
*gorgeous, thoughtful photo credit to Kristy Grachek


rht said...

Clearly we share some of the same "favorites" among Kristy's wonderful pictures. You played a big part in making everything about March 3 "just right" for your sister...

And I love that Hankie does water color portraits!

Kristy Grachek said...

I don’t know why but the photo of the 3 boys in the glass turned out sort of Vincent Van Gogh-esque, and I dig it! One of my favs.

Beautiful family. XOXO

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
What a fun day...and GREAT pictures, Kristy!

Kate Baby, when you scrolled through these photographs, did you notice I had to borrow Rod's tie?
Kevin's tie would not have matched.