Sleep in Heavenly Peace

So there haven't been many silent nights around here lately, but Celia has been resting a lot. She crawls over to be held, and snuggles her legs in tight around my belly, burrowing in like I might have developed a marsupial pouch when she wasn't looking. And I stop folding laundry, or whatever is I'm doing in an effort to be productive, and enjoy the rest myself (all the while trying to ignore the 30 0r so pounds of extra weight on top of extra weight). And Andy captures this on film. You know, not so much so that we can remember what sleeplessness does to the fabric of marital cooperation, but more to document for the next baby how much he/she is loved by his/her big sister.

Because Celia has been nocturnally slumber-challenged, she's particularly lethargic during the day. This morning she had breakfast shortly after 9am, we played a bit, and then she needed a break. Here she is, in a self-determined location, about 10:30am:

Although she seemed perfectly content, I moved her to the couch...
Getting up multiple times through the night hampers my creativity and hurts my sensibilities. But instead of laying here festering with self pity, since Celia is sweet-dreaming (in her crib this time) I may try, too.



Adam and Vicky said...

The first picture with you is very precious. . . I'm happy to hold!

Hope you caught a few winks.

Kate said...

This may or may not be the cutest thing I've ever seen...

Cel does not look like she would feed Baby 2 to the alligators :)

rht said...

Every time I hear this refrain from Amy Grant, I think of all of you...

I need a silent night, a holy night
To hear an angel voice through the chaos and the noise
I need a midnight clear, a little peace right here
To end this crazy day with a silent night

Grandma Jan said...

Oh ... to snuggle and rest is a good thing...whatever time of day/night.

Baby Betz must feel quite warm and well loved! Andy Colby is an awesome nap partner.

Love you all!
Grandma Jan

Aunt Linda said...

I'm absolutely CERTAIN Celia wouldn't want to feed Baby ____ to the "Allie Gatie!" ...not with THAT angelic face! Aunt Linda