We recently took Celia to the Columbus Zoo, in order to enjoy the brilliance of the holiday light display. She was fascinated, but is still partial to the aquarium. And because we're partial to what she's partial to, and because it was way warmer inside the aquarium building, we spent far more time watching the fish than looking at the lights. There, our hearts thrilled to the wild magic of her elation and to the radiant sound of her enjoyment.
We'll take her back next year to let her get her twinkle on...


Adam and Vicky said...
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Adam and Vicky said...

Neat picture . . . We're hoping to do Wildlights this next week! Looking forward to it!

Now don't think it's weird when Vanessa's Christmas greeting posts at 12AM and there's text on the picture -- somewhat like what you've done. I had no idea!!! Funny . . . :)