We've all seen this before. (Except maybe for the Mac lovers out there...) Those of us with a stubborn PC habit have uttered plenty of four letter words in the name of Bill Gates when this screen ruined our day. Of course the dreaded "Blue Screen of Death" had horrible timing. My theory is that Gates somehow used his super-computing-geekiness to analyze, calculate and predict Murphy's Law since I only experienced the blue screen in the last few critical moments of working on a paper or presentation.

No big deal though, right? Three key strokes was the cure. Ctrl+Alt+Del. It even seemed to work a little better if you hit Ctrl+Alt+Del really hard (I think my old PC with Windows 95 could actually feel the pain).

Wiki describes blue screens as: "... caused by physical faults such as faulty memory, power supply issues, overheating of components, or hardware running beyond its specification limits"

Too bad life doesn't have a Ctrl+Alt+Del function. The Betz family has experienced a physical fault... one erroneous gene... one malfunctioning protein.

We don't have a keystroke to restart life. She is flawed, yet she's flawless.



rht said...

Flawless, adj., see clear, good, perfect...

Christy said...

I agree...flawless!

Joyce Donahue said...

That's Celia all right -flawless and beautiful! LUF U Joce