For Sure

Yesterday, my sister's colleagues at OSU's MICU held a walk at a nearby park, to raise awareness and funds for Batten Disease, and to honor Celia.  My sister predicted it'd be low key and guessed there'd only be a few people participate.  I'm not sure how many people were there, but my sister underestimates how well-liked she is by her coworkers.  I don't know how many dogs were there either, but I'm quite certain the canines were only slightly outnumbered by the humans. I may be confused about what low key means, but there was a breakfast spread and there were awards, and there were dog treats and dog trophies too, and I'm pretty sure details like those do not describe any sort of understated affair.  I'm not sure how much money was raised for BDSRA, but I know it doesn't really matter.  Although research dollars are critical, they won't help Celia.  The love and support the MICU staff shared yesterday helps though, and it matters - for my sister, and for us and for her, for sure.



Joyce Donahue said...

Thank God for SISTERS!
Yours is right there on the top shelf (and I bet you're on her top shelf also)!
Yeah for Celia and the awareness she is helping to spread about that rotten Batten Disease! She looked so cozy and beautiful as ever!
P. S. We're glad Tucker got to see the Bucks in action,even if Brian was just a little jealous.

Adam and Vicky said...

So very thoughtful, without a doubt. And how neat some of Colby's and Sebi's (sp?) canine family and friends were able to go and support too!

rht said...

It was a treat to see and/or meet so many truly wonderful, loving people -- and their kids -- and their dogs. No wonder Kate loves her colleagues in the MICU!

Thank you, Celia, for introducing us to more of those folks who help make this world a better place.

Christy said...

That's really cool. We have met some pretty wonderful people because of this ugly thing called Batten Disease. I'm glad yoy have too.

Anonymous said...

How wonderful.