By the Numbers

Five days without a computer, because he knocked it on the floor. And then a fistful of cash to fix it.
Nine teeth, four on top, five on the bottom. And always a smile that splits his face in two.
One new word, considered official now. "Mama," he speaks.  And it leaves me with zero words, unspeakable joy.
Eight steps, entirely unassisted, all in an effort to get to his sister.  And then too many slobbery kisses to count. 
Ten months old, our baby boy.  And a gazillion prayers of thanksgiving, give or take a few.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Tucker is calling you "MAMA"...that makes me soooo happy!!! I remember when you were about his age, and I guess you couldn't remember my name, because you would point at me and say, "WAFFLES."


P.S. "By the Numbers"...could you let the President know what comes after "trillion?"

Adam and Vicky said...

Sorry to hear about the fistful of cash . . . but love hearing about Tucker's new and neat tricks! And how rewarding to hear "Mama" so soon!

Joyce Donahue said...

Oh those wonderful words. "MAMA"
Tucker is so grand. Experiencing his smile first hand last week-end was such fun. Thank you for sharing Tucker & Celia with me for a few hours last week-end. Celia graced us with the most beautiful smile. Watching Tucker speed around the house like he was at the Indy 500 leads me to believe there will be more expensive episodes like the computer.
Andy hope your had a great birthday!
Love to all 5 of you.