On Growing

Watching him grow, watching him scurry and speak and swing and smile, every day - for the rest of my life - is the best future I can imagine.  I'll admit, sometimes it's hard not to mourn his babyhood, not to acknowledge a twinge of sorrow as each development pushes that time further into the past.  
But then I watch him, and I wonder at the way my love for him grows faster than he does.

PS -- If you haven't noticed the new "Pepsi Refresh" note on the left sidebar, please take a minute to learn about Project Giggles.  The idea, hatched by one of Celia's special fairies, could provide funhouse mirrors to camps for kids with serious illnesses.


Poppy John said...


Due to Tucker's rapid growth and maturity, he will hereafter hold the rank of "Sargent" in Poppy John's Junior Rangers. Congratulatios, Sargent Betz!
If Rod will help, we could have "Sargent Tucker's Happy Hearts Club Band."
P.S. Had to wait today, while the vehicle in front of me tried to get a "trash can" to take their order at Burger King.

Beth Ann said...

I recognize that shirt from a shopping trip once upon a time. We need to do that again-soon.

chstevers said...

WOW. Is he adorable, and with loads of energy. We can't wait to see him.