You gaze at me with a sunny, childlike certainty, a look that shows you know that I am here, always.  You move toward me, arms outstretched, draping your hands over my shoulders, letting them dangle around my neck.  Still, I am afraid.  I want you to burrow into me for everything you'll ever need.  I want to kiss every scraped knee and to quit the sting of all your hurts.  I want to see your first crayoned picture, and the colored counter beneath it.  I want to pack your lunches and praise your graded papers.  I want to send you away to camp, and then to college.  And I want you to come home again and again.  I want to be your world, and I want to give you the world.  But I’ve learned all too soon and all too well that our world is not certain.


zarniegall said...

Beautiful pics! Their lack of fear at this age, especially boys puts you at attention, all waking hours...can not even imagine your world...sending hugs.

andrea | jene said...

Fabulous Photos!!!

Poppy John said...

The world may not be certain...but I'm certain that the Betz family is very special.


P.S. I love summer. Waking up outside seems more normal. The paper boy knows to place the paper on the ground next to me.