Like Father

Tucker seems to have come equipped with a set of sound effects that rivals his father’s. His father, whose parents had to buy a conversion van for the third row seating, the all-the-way-in-the-back bench that still, from what I’ve heard, allowed his father’s airplane noises to fill the space in the front of the vehicle. His father, who impersonates cartoon characters convincingly, who replicates mechanical sounds astoundingly well, who mimics animal noises with ease and accuracy.  His father, who reads children's books with a variety of foreign accents, depending on the story’s setting and on how the mood strikes.  His father, whose playtime soundtrack includes block buildings that explode, fire engines that whistle, thunder that booms, train brakes that screech, and dinosaurs that roar.

His father shows pride in Tuck's one-year-old ability to pretend to cough and sneeze and burp and snore.  His father encourages every vocal imitation, all of his baby buzzes and hisses and clangs and thuds.  His father taught him to "ahhh" after a gulp of milk, to "ughh" while climbing a rocky slope, to "mmmnh" during heavy lifting.
Perhaps it should come as no surprise that this one small creature can sound like the cavalry.


Christy said...

LOVE it! Big smiles. Have a great weekend!

rht said...

O-o-o-o-o-o-o-h-h-h! ; )

Poppy John said...

When I saw Tuck last week, he was saying rediculous things and then repeating them in flawless Greek. One intelligent little boy...just sayin.