Mommy's BALLS!
Santa's BALLS!
One, two, six BALLS!
Nothing says EXCITEMENT like the caps lock key.  Or like a toddler who tends to spend most of the time living at the top of his lungs.
It takes so little to excite someone so little.  When does that part of a child get lost?



Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby, FYI...
I lost a SMALL PORTION of living at the top of my lungs when I turned 60...I think it was a lung elasticity thing.


P.S. Tequila shots through your nose while using a neti pot is NOT AS COOL as it sounds.

Christy said...

At almost 7, our little guy still only knows one volumn...loud! I'm constantly asking him to turn down his volumn, and he just looks at me like "what's the big deal?"

Beth Ann said...

Where exactly are you as Tucker shouts the word "BALLS"? Is this something Andy has taught him? Perhaps a game along the same lines as the grocery cart addition game that he enjoys from time to time? ; )

Andy and Jenni said...

Beth, "Mommy's balls" started as part of a conversation we had when we found Tuck on top of the dining room table, with the glass cake stand cover removed and the glass bulbs in his hands... He's been assigning ownership to "balls" everywhere we go lately.
Andy hasn't played the grocery cart game in years - I'd almost forgotten! Bet it won't be long till Tuck learns :)

Debi said...

Too cute! My oldest nephew was obsessed with balls around the same age as Tucker. Just such a fun age!