The Arch at Land's End, Cabo San Lucas

Physically, but not quite mentally, we're home again.  I wouldn't say that my happiness is seasonally contingent, but I will admit that a good dose of sunshine always improves my mood.  Combined with plenty of sleep, tons of great food and time with best friends, a week of warmth makes the thick layer of ice that currently covers Columbus a little more bearable.  I like our latitude, I do, but here we live with frigid temps and an inescapable seriousness.  For a week, we escaped both.  It was nice to get away.  And it's nice to be back.

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The Shelton Family said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation! Welcome back to the beautiful weather of Central Ohio:)

Poppy John said...

Glad that you are home and happy that you had fun!
P.S. While you were gone, Grandma Sandy put up a large poster of Charlie Sheen above the bar in our basement. It's getting to the point where she should always have adult supervision.

Anonymous said...

I squealed with delight when you popped up in my feed. I'm so glad you actually got to go away and rejuvenate as much as you could.

Beth Ann said...

Oh what I'd give to be in that picture with you guys, meaning I'd had a chance to see Cabo! Ash wants to know if you ran into Sammy Hagar at the Cabo Wabo Cantina???

andrea | jene said...

You look amazing!!!

Joyce Donahue said...

You two do sunshine, warmth and sea very well!

Joyce Donahue said...
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Miriam said...

Welcome back! I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves!