My ambition exceeds my vocabulary

The blog sits, like a sink full of dirty dishes.
My worry, and my words, are typically night owls.  But lately my words sleep.  And so should I.
So I'll go to bed, like every night, holding the simple hope that I -and the rest of my little family- will wake to touch tomorrow.


Debi said...

Such light in those beautiful smiles! Praying peace and rest and hope over you and your family.
Love and hugs and prayers!

Beth Ann said...

Everyone deserves a good night's sleep. Relish in it when you get the chance.

Make blogging be like our convo about laundry. If it gets washed(thought about), folded (ideas jotted down), and at least put into baskets (a quick check in with a few beautiful photos), who cares if it makes it in the drawers!

rht said...

Izzat the helicopter with Aunt Sally in it?

Adam and Vicky said...

Tucker is always so very adorable and Celia is always exceptionally beautiful! I especially love this picture of Celia's radiant smile! :)