A trip, as told by Tuck:

I go to Poppy's house.  I ride the cycle and my throw rocks over the bridge.
I see a  rabbit.  I see a chicken.  I see all those dogs.  I see the horses.  
Poppy push me on the swing. 
I see the cows.  I see the red cow and the brown cow and the black cow.  I see the mama cow and the baby cow.  My say "moo."
I wear my lucky pants.  I help Poppy catch a big fish.  My touch it!  
My eat a popsicle.  I saw a butterfly.
 I saw a baby frog.
My go pee on the bridge.
 I wear my boots.  My play in my mud.  My get very dirty. 
I take a bath in Poppy's big red tub.  Big and red like Clifford!

Thank you, thank you.  We received so many messages from so many of you celebrating with us the good news of Celia and Tucker's little brother's health.  
We appreciate your interest in our lives, and your shared happiness for our blessings.


The Wendels said...

Oh Tucker, your trip looks like so much fun! I especially like your special pants and all the cows. Can't wait to play this summer!

Beth Ann said...

I'm reserving my copy of this from the library now. And I'll just keep renewing and renewing and renewing cause my like this story -alot : )

Fenton Crackshell said...

SavingSons.org • #i2 (intact, too) I see issues in raising boys in America all too often.

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