While I Watched

You know when you're in the middle of something and you step out of yourself for an instant to witness the total contentment of the moment, the simple perfection of feet on the ground, of hearts beating and smiles spreading, of merely existing? 
I caught myself doing that while I watched him "paint."


rht said...

So good to see the next generation carrying on family traditions... you and Kate and Molly and Ali did extensive, excellent, warm-weather "painting!"

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
Is this why, when T called last night to tell me about the beautiful sunset, he mentioned "cadmium yellow(light hue), salmon and gold?"


Christy said...


Beth Ann said...

Try to look for at least one of those moments each day. Sometimes they are hard to catch, but oh so worth it! We were a week too late, Tucker could have helped Mark "paint" the swingset slide, while Ash stained the rest : )