In Kind

 He holds one-sided conversations with her.
Hi.  What's your name?  Celie.  Oh.  My name's Tucker.  It's nice to meet you.  My have red jello.  You want some?
He breaks to play, collecting things in his "egg cups."
He looks up, where white tracks cross the sky.
There are airplane lines up there!  (His dad looks at me.  "Did you teach him that?" he asks, smiling.  "Tuck, those are vapor trails.  Tell Celie.  She can't see them, but you can tell her what the vapor trails look like.")
Celie!  Those are vapor trails.  That airplane made lines in the blue sky!  Those lines are white, just like the clouds.  They are long lines in the sky up there!
He finishes, before his attention is drawn back to gathering objects.

Eventually he has more to talk to her about.
I caught a big bad bug.  Don't be scared of him.  You hold it.  It's a little bit scary.  Your hair looks pretty.  You're welcome. 
And on, and on.

Celie listens, a smile occasionally visiting her face.  His words may go unrequited, but his love does not.



The Wendels said...

I believe that Celie answers Tucker in their hearts. Siblings are powerful like that.

Poppy John said...

He will be an awesome big brother too. Happy "vapor trails" to all.


Alison Plotts said...

Hmmm...I wonder where Tucker learned such kindness. I am guessing it is from his wonderful parents!

Pam Sovik said...

What a descriptive writer he'll be! :) Love to all!!

Golden Flower said...
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Judi said...

So sweet! Celie is lucky to have a sweet baby brother and Tuck is lucky to have a special big sister. Love conquers all.