Look at the way

he looks at her.
When she put the dress on, he thought she was "a princess, just like Tinkerbell."


We've heard from several folks who've been unable to comment.  A little research suggested changing our Blogger settings to make comments appear in a pop-up window, which we've done.  Although we hope no one ever feels obligated to chime in, we do love hearing from you and hope this recent change will make commenting easier...


sararosellyn said...

Dear Betz Family,
I keep you in my thoughts every day. Celia is a beautiful Tinkerbell, and I think Tuck is a perfect Peter Pan.

Much love,
Sara McIver

Poppy John said...

I love the bells...





Maggie said...

I often want to comment and am usually at a loss for words. Your children are so wonderfully beautiful. It's not hard to imagine where this beauty comes from having followed your blog and having heard about your family from Rod (he was shamefully proud of his family at GLHS, LOL). And, whether you consider yourself lucky or not, you have a unique chance to experience all of life's best and worst. And through your words, I gather you have embraced this fully. My sister is getting married in October and there was a time we didn't think she'd live to see the day . . . And I often wonder how my spirit would have fared had she not lived to see the day. But I personally feel that my soul is richer having at least faced such a consideration. As always, thank you for sharing. I have grown having read your posts.

Tiffany said...

Your boy (and the one to come) and my boys...they really, truly are gifts from God.

Tommie said...

His adoration of her is so evident on his face, in his eyes, in the love the pours from his gaze. You have amazing, beautiful children. Which leads me to believe that they must have amazing, beautiful parents.

Debi said...

Tuck's love for his big sister, Celia is so evident. Praying each day would be filled with lasting memories, big and small.
Celia is a wonderful Tinkerbell!
Love and hugs and prayers,

meggers999 said...

I came to your blog from a post from a friend in FB. I can't even imagine what you're going through, but what I can say is that you are an inspiration, in the least cliche-ish way. Challenges or none, you are not only an incredible parent, but an intensely honest and superb writer. You'd be doing the world a dis-service if you didn't try to publish. I am but a stay-at-home mum ever seeking to making my mommying better. Thank you, ever so much, for your wonderful insights and words of wisdom. God bless you and yours. xo. Megan