And we did.

After dinner, I asked Tuck what he’d like to play. Kitchen? I wondered.
Cars?  Instruments?  Stickers?  Blocks?
Let’s lie down with Celia, he suggested. Mama and Tucker and Daddy and Colby can lie down next to Celie.
And we did.

An astute blog reader might notice that Tucker has a favorite shirt... :)


Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

Love this.

Poppy John said...

For a two year old, the boy has a big heart. He must have good parents. AND, cool socks.


Extra note...Grandma Sandy just told me she HATES it when restaurants ask for a name to go with our order or reservation and I tell them, "T-Bone." So, obviously, from now on, I'm "T-Bone" when we go out.

Maggie said...

I had day off a while ago and I asked my sons what they wanted to do. Griffin said, "I want to cuddle wiff you, watch TV and eat a snack. No, wait a minute! I want to cuddle wiff you AND watch TV AND have a snack at the SAME time!" I went back to work a year ago. I miss our mornings cuddling:)

Laura said...

I found your blog recently from a comment you made on the Macs. My 3 year old son started having seizures last winter, along with hypotonia & some delays. The doctors had to rule out conditions like Batten Disease so my mind went there for my child. So finding your blog has really hit home for me. You have done a beautiful job telling the story of your beautiful daughter. Her life has shown us all more of God's heart & his Kingdom has advanced b/c of her life. I am praying for you all. Thanks for sharing the beauty of her life! 1 Cor 1:27-31
Laura Perzanowski Richmond, VA