Drink him in

Sometimes in the morning, if Tollie goes back to sleep and Andy goes off to work, Tucker and I share "coffee." We sit benext to each other at the counter.  He talks.  With wide eyes and an inclined body, as if every word he says deserves a physical exclamation point, he talks.  And I listen.  I try to pay attention like I’ve never paid attention before, taking simultaneous sips of liquid caffeine and of little boy energy. 


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Maybe you need to super test his verbal skills with a "Red Bull" morning. Just a thought.


McKenna said...

I love getting a little time with just one of my kids. Taking them in and letting time slow down a bit. I can see it in them too, the fact that they have my sole attention. So nice to be able to give it.