Less sleep

More dreams.
Both a result of this perfect little guy.


Ninja Cate said...

I know its cliche, but oh so fitting.... What an angel. He is indeed perfect.

Groves said...

I don't know how you live in a house with a baby that cute. How does anyone get anything done with that much cuteness around???

Cathy in Missouri

Andy and Jenni said...

I know, Cathy, look. He's sleeping and I'm taking pictures of him when I could be doing something productive. I did it again last night, took pictures of him sleeping. I might need an intervention.

McKenna said...

He is so beautiful. Don't you just stare at them sometimes and wonder how we got such amazing little people?

Groves said...

Oh, it's productive, all right (which you know, obviously).

The intervention will come if you quit. :)

But I am not too worried about that...

Cathy in Missouri