Bicoastal Cousins

Families may have been meant since water ran over rocks in the basement of time. 

The incredible convergence of those who have gone and those who remain seems irreducible.  Our time with family is something that refuses to come through in the description; the absurdity of it increases each time I try to parse it for retelling.  Maybe pictures will suffice.
Although it proved mighty hard to capture a decent picture of all of them together, it was such a joy, SUCH a joy, to watch the cousins play together this weekend.  And it ought to go without saying that we missed those who were not with us.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Wonderful post!

However, just curious...
was T2 on the log at picture time?
Did he fall off...
is he still there?


Adam and Vicky said...

Love that they're all so close in age!!! Good times. :)

rht said...

Looks like good times and good memories... yay for cousins.